Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter with Dual USB Charger for Smartphone Hands Free LED Display Car Styling

Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter with Dual USB Charger for Smartphone Hands Free LED Display Car Styling


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Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter with Dual USB Charger for Smartphone Hands Free LED Display Car Styling

1.Operating Manual of Bluetooth Car Charger Thanks for purchasing our product! Please read this operating manual carefully before using in order to ensure correct use and proper functions! 2.Introduction to the product This product is a special Bluetooth car charger that can switch the call to the hands-tree state via the Professional Bluetooth module as long as the mobile phone is provided with the Bluetooth function. When the call is finished, it will be switched to the music play automatically. It can also send the music in your phone to your car sound wireless. You can enjoy the music and answer the call in hand-free mode without refitting your car, which ensure the driving safety while enjoying music. 3.Technical Parameters Rayed working voltage : 12V Limit working voltage :9~26V USB output : 5V/3.1A Working temperature : 0~50℃ SNR : >60 dB Degree of distortion: <0.1% Frequency response : 20Hz-15Khz Resolution of right and left channel: > 60dB Bluetooth version: Version 2.1 Bluetooth sound:A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Bluetooth transmission distance Effective distance: 10M Bluetooth microphone:0.5~2M FM frequency: 87.5~108Mhz FM Mode:Stereo digital PLL frequency locking 4. Attentions 1. The transmitter volume of this device is fixed, pls adjust it mobile and car audio. 2. A built-in antenna is provided for the product, so please avoid using the broadcasting station frequency that is with strong signal so as to get better sound effect. 3. The method to operate the Bluetooth may differ due to the difference of the phones applied 4. Some phones may not support automatic connection if they are powered on after the power failure. If so, please connect them by hand. 5. This product is compatible with more than 95% phones on the market but some are still incompatible. Please pay attention to it when purchasing our product. 6. The volume should be proper during the call to avoid affecting the other party. 7. Do not use this product in the environment with high temperature, dusts or moisture. 8. Avoid dropping the product to prevent damage to the surface or the body. 9. Please don’t dissemble the device by yourself, just contact the agency or the body. 10. Without notice when there is any improved performance and function 5.Trouble shooting 1. no work or no display when power is on: .Check if the connection is well between device and cigar lighter and cigarette socket is heavy rusty 2. Playing failure .Please ensure the setting of volume of mobile phone and car audio is 0 3. Muting but not voice .If play is on “PAUSE” state .If volume is on“0”or very low position 4. Bluetooth function failure If mobile telephone has been connected with the player 5. No sound from car audio .Confirm the device is on transmitting state .If transmit frequency is same with receiving frequency 6. Transmit effect is not good, with noise Check if the preset channel has strong signal, try to change the channel without signal interference 6.Accessories attached 1.Operating Manual 2.Device 3.Package

Additional information

Item Type

FM Transmitters

Car charger output

Total output 5V/3.1A

Effective distance of Bluetooth micropho

up to 1.2 meters

Bluetooth transmission distance

up to 10 meters

Limit working voltage

DC 9V-26V

CVC technology


Bluetooth stereo music play


Bluetooth version

Version 2.1

Car Make


Out Power




Item Weight


Material Type


Item Size


Special Features

FM transmitter



Model Name


Cigar lighter port

(12-24V) max 4A output, don’t support cigar lighter function