original motherboard G41 L-IG41M3 V1.1/ L-IG41M REV1.0 LGA775 DDR3


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The original motherboard G41 L-IG41M3 V1.1 / L-IG41M REV1.0 LGA775 DDR3 specific model is the L-IG41M3, REV: 1.1 version,

Dual-core buckle to the quad-core of all 775 CPU,

There are two memory slots, and the power connector is 24 + 4.

Integrated G41 high-end graphics

Intel GMA 4500 chipset, & Lt;

With Gigabit Ethernet 88E8057,

In order to meet the needs of customers to upgrade,

Also equipped with PCI-E / 16X, 1 PCI spare,

No IDE interface,

There are four SATA interfaces, four-phase loop fully enclosed stable power supply

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