Multicolor Flatbed Printer Plate Type heat transfer machine with plate size:38x 38cm HP3802


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Multicolor Color & Page and Flatbed Printer Plate Type heat transfer machine

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heat transfer machine Parameter:

Voltage 220V, 110V;

Power: 1400W;

Temperature range: 0-399 C Dgree

Time Control: 0-999sec;

Printing Area: 38X38CM (15″X15″)

Package Size: 74X49X48CM

Weight: 27Kg;

Digital control and automatic alerting.

Package: carbon box

Product Features

1. The heating plate surface of Teflon paint, dust-proof, No need high temperature cloth;

2. Using intelligent digital display temperature controller, temperature control is accurate

(+-1 C degree);

3. Pre-pressure adjustment unique way, the pressure be adjusted, convenient and flexible;

4 The digital display electronic timing, the process is completed automatically alert tone;

5. The cast aluminum heat plate, electric pipe and plate body cast as a whole, heat evenly, durable;

6. The surface is covered with high-temperature heat release layer, easy to clean, anti-oxidation;

7. Worktable laying temperature elastic silicone foam, can bear 400 C degree and does not distortion.


This machine can printing any color or black and white images, text transfer to: ceramics, metal,

glass, clothing and other material, widely used in shop business, transfer personalized items,

clothing heat transfer purposes.


a) Lift the handle so that the machine is open.Put the target products on the working platform,

testing pressure if is appropriate, and not, need to adjust the pressure knob. (Turn the knob

clockwise to increase the pressure, counter-clockwise to decrease pressure);

b) Open the machine, ready to hot stamping products. (Heating process, please do not be stamping

is placed on the working platform, in order to avoid bad roast)

c) Turn the power switch on , temperature controller starting self-test, self-test for about 10 seconds to complete and enter the working state, then setting the working

parameters (for the first time, set up the required:the temperature, time, see attached time and

temperature instrument panel operating instructions)

After setting the temperature well, the time, the machine starts to heat up heating (the temperature rose to 200C degree takes about 15 minutes)

d) When the machine until desired temperature is reached, will require the transfer of goods tile

placed on a table, hand pressed, the machine starts automatic timing, after reaching the set time,

the machine issued a warning tone, lift the handle to complete the last operation.

Note: For security reasons, the power supply must meet a protective ground wire single-phase

three-wire power supply.


1 If it is cool sublimation paper, printing completed. please waiting 15-20 seconds. Then tear it off. If it is heat sublimation paper, printing completed, please tear off

the paper asap (Diagonal grain to tear down the clothes). Successful printed, need right time,

temperature and pressure;

2 The final printed result depend on the products thickness,material and variety of sublimation


3 different kinds of printing, please testing the sample. After get right time and temperature, then volume production.

Simple Troubleshooting

1 Fault Phenomenon

Method: Judgement and treatment methods

2 Power Switch is turn on,but the light of machine is off;

Method: Power interface is not firm or the fuse of the power connector is burnout

3 Press knob is inflexible;

Method: Adding the lubricating oil on the rotary knob

4 Handlebar pressed down and get bumped ;

Method: Please adjust the pressure position screw to down

5 Handlebar is hard to lift;

Method: Please adjust the pressure position screw to up or counterclockwise to adjust the pressure adjustment knob

6 Heat plate can not heating;

Method: Instrument failure or chassis of the relay does not work or heat board burned

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