miliboo MTT704B Professional Portable Carbon Fiber Camera Camcorder Tripod for Video/DSLR Stand,Half Price of Manfrotto


miliboo MTT704B Professional Portable Carbon Fiber Camera Camcorder Tripod for Video/DSLR Stand,Half Price of Manfrotto

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Product Parameter

Model: MTT704B

Material:Carbon Fiber

Tube diameter:39mm/25mm

Wall Thickness:1.2mm


The operation height:78cm /185cm(72.83 inches~30.71inches)

Fluid Head:MYT801 including



Storage Height:78cm(30.71 inches)

Fluid Head Details


Component:quick release plate+handle

Adjustable angle:horizontal angle is 360 degree and pitching angle is between +90 and -70 degree


Head height:21cm

Product Description

The miliboo MTT704B is a professional camera and camcorder mono-pod,it gives more flexibility and stability to use.The mono pod split into stick and small ball head by removing paw if you need.

The fluid head can be used as a ball head after installing bowl and then the head can be installed on tripod and the like,the suitable bowl size is 65mm,75mm and 100mm,If you need it for tripod,please contact with customer service to buy it.

The plate safety-catch prevents the camera from slipping off and falling.The Fluid head is cold-proof and anti-freezing , and can be operated when t he temperature is 20 Degrees Celsius below zero.

Ergonomics buckle design makes it more convenient to open and draw it in.

The ball rotation design on the triangle holder, 360 angle,making mono pod pitch at 90 angle,you can press button to folding and opening and lock the knob to prevent mono pod from shaking for a fixed angle.

Mono-pod has the unique characteristics of potability and flexibility for outdoor photography and ruleless moving occasions.In the occasions of photoing wild animals, climbing and so on need carrying requirements, the mono-pod can be as a climbing stick.There is no more space for tripod in sports events, concerts,and on-the-spot news reports occasions.Not only capturing movements, but also possessing stability,anti-shaking and flexibility.miliboo brings photography more possibilities.

Official accessory:package box,mono-pod packet,fluid head MYT801(quick release plate,handle),Certificate of Approval,6 years guarantee card

Thanks for choosing miliboo.If you have any comments and suggestions on this product,you can feedback to us,your comments will be very valuable in our growth,be grateful!

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Video Camera


Carbon Fiber

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Professional Tripod

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