Micromake 3D Printer Parts Heated Bed for 3D Printer Heater board

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Micromake 3D Printer Heat Bed

Diameter of available area: 20cm ​Recommand Temperature:70 degree, the max temperature is 100. Makeboard Heatbed is a integrated heatbed solution specially designed for 3D printer with Delta structure. It perfectly fits with the bottom frame structure of printer with its equilateral hexagon shape. The Heatbed is compatible with Delta printer which use 24cm short aluminium profile. Using SMD thermistor, you don’t need to worry about the temperature sensing head off or the temperature is measured inaccurately because of gap. Adopting glass fiber high temperature resistant wire, avoiding short circuit caused by wire aging for a long time heating and peripheral insulator off. The heating wire and temperature sensing wire have been weld and 2pin ox horn head has been plugged well. Come with matched high-power power supply, use pluggable terminal blocks, plug it into matched Makeboard control board and then you can use it conveniently. Use glass fiber material instead of aluminium board, double sided black copper cladding, which is matched with Micromake 3D printer perfectly. With careful designed location hole, you can fix black crystal panel on heatbed without binder clips. You can also get matched fixture as a gift.

As the following picture, please plug red and black wires into corresponding terminal block of power supply according to specified color. Don’t expose metal parts of the wire. Please remember to cover the plastic protection cover after installation. Remember, be sure to cut off the power whenever you install and adjust power supply.

Plug white heating wire into HEATBED terminal block and black temperature sensing wire into THERM B socket, without positive and negative distinction. Connect red and black wire of power supply with pluggable terminal block according to the order “Red wire above, black wire below.” Then plug them into POWER socket. Please tighten up all screws of terminal block and ensure it has enough contact area with wire rid. Or the terminal block may be burned because of serious heating.

Open Cura [Machine] menu, [Machine settings] dialog box, choose [Heated bed], click [OK] button. Then choose [Install default firmware] in [Machine] menu, upload firmware again then you can unlock heatbed function.
We will test the heatbed before shipment, it wouldn’t be sent out unless we ensure it can work normally.

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