High quality Full color 3D printer filament PLA/ABS 1.75mm plastic Rubber Consumables Material 1KG/Roll

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    Please tell us the following information when you make the order:

    1.Material: ABS or PLA

    2.Color: please choose from the below color list

    For example:PLA White 1.75mm 1roll , ABS Red 1.75mm 2rolls, etc.

    We will send the default size PLA 1.75mm, the colors will be shipped at random,if you don’t leave a message to us.Thank you!


    ABS(14 colors): natural, white, black, red, green, blue,royalblue, purple,grey, silver,brown, yellow, orange,fluo-green.

    PLA(21 colors): natural(translucent), white, black, transparent red, transparent green,transparent blue,transparent yellow, pink, red,yellow, blue, grey, golden,brown, lake blue, green,Chinese red, orange, purple, dark blue, fluo-yellow.


    1. High strength, good toughness;

    2.Density is small, when printing larger volume model lighter, save money;

    3.Cost-effective, can be processed in wide range temperature;

    4.PLA has low shrinkage rate, even print larger models perform well;

    5.To be applied to a variety of 3D printer, Makerbot, UP plus, Mendel, Prusa, series, etc;

    6.No Bubble.

    PLA, Polylactic Acid, is created from processing a number of plant products. it’s a recommended material for beginners by RepRap.

    PLA can be composted at commercial facilities unlike ABS which is derived from fossil fuels.
    PLA is a more earth friendly plastic. It is stronger and more rigid than ABS, and in general the printed objects will have a more glossy look and feel compared to ABS.

    Unlike ABS, PLA can be sanded and machined. PLA has a lower melting temperature compared to ABS.
    As a material, PLA has much less warping versus ABS. Additionally, a heated bed is not required to print it.
    PLA generally enjoys sharper details and corners compared to ABS without the risk of cracking or warping. PLA can also be printed at higher throughput speeds.

    ABS is one of the most commonly used engineering plastics,The plastic is great quality, and no kinks or breaks. Best choice for perfect printing. Provides excellent performance for 3D printers requiring 3 mm filament, including the RepRap family of printers! It is compatible with different brands of 3D printers (such as: Makerbot, Mendel, reprap, UP, Prusa, Huxley, BFB3000, uPrint, Cubify, printrbot, Sumpod). Please check your printer’s manual to confirm.

    Note: If you purchase some other parts, printer kit, etc. from our store, we will packing this item with your other parts or printer kit in the same parcel and send to you. Please place an order include all you need and DON’T FINISH PAYMENT, then leave message to us, we will reduce the shipping cost for you. Thanks!

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