FOTGA S-1250 PRO Handheld Steadycam Video Stabilizer for Camera Camcorder DV DSLR

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FOTGA Professional Hand-Held Stabilizer Monopod Support For DV Video DSLR Camera


This product is a stabilizer specially designed for keeping a smooth screen during taking video. It is suitable for all DSLR and DV which has the function of taking video.This product can avoid screen jumping very well, which is easily caused by hand-shaking during taking video. Taking video with this stabilizer ensures much smooth picture, especially for handheld photographing.


1. Foldable Baseplate. After using a stabilizer, normally the photographers will not put it with the camera vertically to the ground in case of the falling down of the devices. But with our stabilizer, which is armed with a foldable quick-release baseplate, the photographers can put the devices vertically on the ground without worries about the above situation.

2. Sheet Metal head design reduces the weight ( about 1kg ) of the stabilizer itself and also the load on the arm of the photographer

3. The whole set device is no need of any wrenches or screw drivers and any other tools to adjust.

4. Pick off the quick-release baseplate from stabilizer. a.release the lock screw. b.lift the quick-release plate up little and move it out horizontally.

5. Completely made of aluminum alloy,which ensures light-weight and long-durability.

6. Knob adjustment design permits much accuracy on adjusting balance.

7. Modularity design is good for upgrading in the future.

8. Putting the hand grip on the auxiliary adjustment adapter, which is already attached on a tripod, makes adjustment and stabilization much easier and quicker.

9. Its hand grip is designed according to ergonomics, with right size. Touch well.

How to use?

* After assembling the stabilizer, pick off the quick-release plate, and mount your camera onto the plate.

* After this, reinstalling the quick-release baseplate on the stabilizer and lock it.

* Adjust the stabilizer to balance vertically. Lock the auxiliary adapter on a tripod ballhead,then connect hand grip onto the other side of auxiliary adapter.

* Loosen the knobs on the quick-release baseplate, and adjust the knobs to ensure the stabilizer to be horizontal balance, then tighten the knobs on the quick-release baseplate.

* Detach the auxiliary adapter from the tripod ballhead, then hold the hand grip with your right hand, and keep the stabilizer to be vertical by your left hand,adjust the position of hand grip or add/subtract the counterweight discs to ensure the base part fall off within about 3 seconds.After these steps, the adjustment on stabilizer completes.

Package includes:

1 x Hand-Held / Stabilizer Set

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