desktop motherboard original P5A-i DDR3 LGA 775 motherboard Integrated graphics

desktop motherboard original P5A-i DDR3 LGA 775 motherboard Integrated graphics


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Dear buyers please note

The second-hand motherboards sold by this store ensure that all functions are tested to ensure proper use of the product

However, after all, second-hand motherboard is not a new product, in the course of the use of the environment or the use of the habit of the problem, resulting in the motherboard heat sink or common interface wear or rust, if you are very aware of this, please carefully buy

In addition, the motherboard button battery does not allow by air, so all the motherboards do not have a battery, you can remove from the old motherboard or buy a new button battery

For the LGA 1156 architecture P55, H55, H57 motherboard, the general design of two or four DIMM slots. Similarly, when installing one or two of the memory, you can insert the DIMM1 (A1), DIMM2 (B1) slots, and when installing three or four inks, you must insert the DIMM1, DIMM2 slot Can be mounted on DIMM3 (A2), DIMM4 (B2) slots.

Users in the installation of multiple memory, may wish to refer to the motherboard manual, it has a detailed description above. Only in a reasonable order to install the memory, in order to avoid the system can not start the trouble.

Thank you, my dear buyer for our support

Desktop motherboard original P5A-i DDR3 LGA 775 motherboard Integrated graphics



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Foxconn P5A-i
Integrated chip / RTI & gt;/ NIC
Main chipset G41
Chip manufacturers
Chipset description Using G41 + ICH7 chipset
Audio chip Integrated Realtek ALC662 6-channel audio chip
Display chip Integrated GMA X4500 graphics core
NIC chip Onboard Realtek RTL8111DL Gigabit Ethernet
Applicable platform
CPU_ category Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Duo / Pentium D
CPU_ Description Support Socket 775 interface processor
CPU_ slot LGA 775
Support CPU number 1
Motherboard bus FSB 1333 MHz
Memory Type DDR3
Memory description Support dual channel DDR3 1333/1066/800 memory, maximum support 8GB
Graphics card slot PCI-E 2.0 16X
PCI slots 5 PCI slots, 1 PCI-E 1X
IDE slot One IDE slot
FDD slot A FDD, then Floppy Drive
SATA interface 4 SATAII interfaces
USB interface 8 USB2.0 interface
PS / 2 interface PS / 2 mouse, PS / 2 keyboard interface
Parallel port serial port 1 parallel port
Other interfaces 1 RJ45 network interface
External port Audio interface / VGA interface
Motherboard type ATX form factor
BIOS performance 8Mb flash EEPROM w / LAN boot PnP, ACPI, WfM, DMI 2.0
jack One four-pin, one 24-pin power connector
Accessories Manual, CD-ROM drive, FDD / IDE data cable, SATA data cable, baffle

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Socket 775



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