Circular cone cup printer machine ST160B


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Circular cone cup printer machine

Buyer notes:

For all countries which machine cost is the same. Only different country have different carrier cost. Is better to confirm that with us before do the payment.

And our amount have not include the tax. If have not your any requested we will declare the actually value as your paid in invoice. Please contact us if you need us to declare low value.

Circular cone cup printer machine Parameter:

1 Working Voltage: 110V/ 220V

2 Power: 450-1500w

3 Cup scope: 110Z circular cup, 17OZ Cone

4 Time Scope: 0-999sec.

5 Printing Size: Cylinderical 115x 235mm

6 Weight:10kg

7 Package size: 44x 46x 33cm

Machine Feacture:

1 electronic digital time display, automatic temperature;
2. The high temperature silicone pad heat evenly;
3. Small, portable, small footprint;
4. Easy pressure adjustment.

This machine can be transfered any color color, portrait photos, landscape design and other baked into the cups, particularly suitable for advertising, gifts, promotional activities, as well as personalized items, and art appreciation and applicability in one .

1. Before transferring heat, according to the cup size to adjust the pressure (to adjust the pressure adjustment nut). Plug in the power.

2. Setting the time 180 seconds and temperature setted 170C degree.
3 Cut the printed well paper and stick on mugs. fixed at both ends slightly transparent tape, transfer paper will be posted a good cup on the machine, turn the power switch, the machine began to heat transfer cup. Remember: Do not empty burning baking cup machine.

4. When the heating time reaches the set time, turn off the two switches, stop for about 10 seconds, pull the handle, remove the cup, thrown off the transfer paper. A beautiful and personalized image-making is well.

5. The machine must be placed in long-term without an empty cup, close the pressure lever to protect the pad roast;

6. Note: For security reasons, the power supply must meet a protective ground wire single-phase three-wire power supply.
7. The pressure is not too large, otherwise it will cause distortion of handle pressure.

1. To the pattern printed on the ceramic cup normal temperature is 170-220 C degree.Time is usually set to 180-300 seconds
2. Using Epson printers with sublimation ink printing, paper use sublimation paper.
3. Print the image resolution at least 300 pixels / cm, flip horizontal pattern then print (Mirror);

The machine can printing any colors of mugs:

Package Pic:

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