55mmx180mm 12V 23W element heating 3D Printer PI film polyimide heater heat rubber electric Space vehicle Industrial Heater

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    55mmx180mm 12v 23w

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    demension:55*180 mm voltage:12V Power:23W Temperature range: -190~205°C Special order according to your requirement is possible, please let us know your requirement in detail. We will manufacture for you and we will provide you the best price. performance parameter ◆The thermal insulation layer: polyimide film
    ◆The heating core: alloy sheet
    ◆The thickness: < 0.2mm
    ◆The working temperature: -190-205 degrees
    ◆The power deviation: < ± 5%
    ◆The lead wire tensile strength: > 5N
    ◆The adhesive adhesion: > 40N/100mm Product Description: polyimide film PI electrothermal film is a polyimide film insulator, conductive heating element with metal foil, metal wire, with high temperature and high pressure thermal synthesis. Polyimide film has excellent insulation strength, excellent electrical strength, excellent thermal conductivity, excellent resistance stability, so it is widely used in the field of electric heating. Application range: 1 scientific analysis instruments, such as: for the thermal conductivity coefficient (or thermal coefficient) to provide a constant temperature source, medical equipment, etc., to stabilize the working temperature of optoelectronic devices. 2 in the cryogenic environment, make the equipment to reach the safe temperature. For example: satellites, spacecraft and aircraft instruments such as facilities and equipment, used in high latitude instruments such as card reader, anti low temperature, liquid crystal display equipment such as LCD. 3 vacuum heating and baking field. 4 car oil pan heating, after the mirror in addition to the frost, antenna or radar in addition to snow, in addition to the heating element. 5 health care and beauty instruments industry. 6 hot bed 3D printing series of heating Product features: soft, good performance, can be bent, fast heating speed, long service life.

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