50 Pcs 21x29cm A4 Size Gold Hot Stamping Foil Paper Laminator Laminating Transfere on Elegance Laser Printer

50 Pcs 21x29cm A4 Size Gold Hot Stamping Foil Paper Laminator Laminating Transfere on Elegance Laser Printer


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50 Sheets Red A4 Size Foil Papers

About the quantity: Foil is very soft thin and hard to count by hand, we packed and count by machine, checked with our packer before sending out, but still some customers complain 2-3sheets was missing. Our willing is offer enough quantity, and the most are no problem, to reduce complain, we will set 5% discount to make up the few chance losses now and then, you could consider before place order.

Thanks for your understanding!

Add elegance to any document printed on a laser printer or a copy machine. Print document from a laser printer or copier. Place the foil face down, shinny side up, over the area you want to color. You can now iron it on with a very hot iron. Wait 30 seconds and peel off. You can also run through a laminator to adhere the foil. Laser Foil works by sticking to the plastic in the toner. Will not work on inkjet printers.

Stuff you need:

Paper of your choice (as long as you can put it through a laser printer)

A laser printer


An image that you want to add to your paper.

iron or hot laminato

Step 1: Print an image on the paper.

Step 2: Cover the printed image with foil.

Step 3: Use iron or hot laminater to process it.

Foil paper is widely used in specialty printing. It can be used not only hot foil stamping, but also heat press.


  • Reflective metal foil appearance & soft handle

  • Add brilliance but opaque enough for all light&dark surface

  • Size: 210mmx297mm
  • Package:50 pieces for one pack
  • Net weight: 0.66Lb(0.3kg)

Hot foil stamping
It can be used to emboss paper, photo, wood, business card, PVC, acrylic etc.

Heat press
It is an easy and attractive effect to use when decorating shirts, it can transfer to standard plastisol and special affects plastisol. The flash and brilliance of foil makes your design stand out in a crowd.

Foil is applied colored side up and aluminum looking (dull) side down.
According to different substrates, users need to master the cooperation of temperature, pressure and speed.


Hot Foil Stamping

Heat Press





2-5 sec


Please do sample testing before using in production.

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