3D Printer Smart Adapter for RAMPS 1.4


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3D Printer Smart Adapter for RAMPS 1.4

This adapter is for RAMPS 1.4 Smart Controller LCD 2004 & LCD 12864. You can easy connect it to your RAMPS1.4 shield using this “smart adapter”. After connecting the panel to your RAMPS1.4 shield you can print your 3D designs without PC, just with a g-code design stored on the SD card.

Package list:

1 x Smart Adapter for RAMPS1.4 Shield

Geeetech 3D printer Motherboard V1.2 development board

US$ 50.00/piece

Geeetech Banana pi A20 low price compatible with Raspberry Pi, development board integrated circuit for your diy job

US$ 65.00/piece

Megatronics Board RepRap Stepper motors Megatronics driver board for 3D-printing from Geeetech company

US$ 99.00/piece

Geeetech Rumba board +cooler fan +LCD 2004 controller +jumper wire ect Rumba board kits for 3D printer

US$ 146.00/piece

LCD2004 display controller and adapter for Sanguinololu Board

US$ 45.00/piece

GET Reprap RAMPS1.4+Mega2560,5xA4988 stepper driver, LCD2004 Smart controller,heatbed set MK2a&more for 3D Printer Prusa Mendel

US$ 207.00/piece

Geeetech RAMPS 1.4,SD card breakout,5pcs A4988 stepper driver, LCD2004 Smart Controller-3D Printer Reprap Prusa Mendel I2

US$ 139.90/piece

Reprap LCD12864 Graphic Matrix Display Module

US$ 59.90/piece

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