3D Printer Blue Tape 50MM X 25M Blue Painters Tape Heat Tape Resistant High Temperature Polyimide Adhesive Tape


3D Printer Blue Tape 50MM X 25M Blue Painters Tape Heat Tape Resistant High Temperature Polyimide Adhesive Tape

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Thickness: 0.13 mm

Color: Blue

Long-term temperature resistance: 130 ° c

short-term temperature resistance: 180 ° c


Blue Tape is the go-to and cost effective way of covering your 3D printer bed plate. Plastic filament such as ABS or PLA stick well to this tape while also being forgiving enough to let go when your print is finished. The tape is easy to apply and remove, with strong adhesion. The tape is 6.25 inches wide, so you don’t have to worry about stringing small 1 inch wide tapes together to form zig-zag rows. For most printer beds, you’ll only need one piece of tape. The roll is 30M long and 50MM wide, so one roll will last through plenty of your prints.

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50mmx30m blue tape

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