100% Original 594299-001 for HP TouchSmart Omni200-5480 MOTHERBOARD DA0ZN2MB60 REV:C 100% work 45 days warranty

100% Original 594299-001 for HP TouchSmart Omni200-5480 MOTHERBOARD DA0ZN2MB60 REV:C 100% work 45 days warranty


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Welcome to the HTK technology store.

original 200-5480 Notebook laptop motherboard fully Tested & working perfect

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Products specifications

1. Part Number:200-5480

3. 100% tested before delivery.

4. Warranty: 45 days

5. Payment: PP WU

6. ETS: within 3 days after your payment

7. forwarder: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS

Our field test image

board function test: to test whether the memory slot can working memory slot on memory and CPU can light

up the mainboard, memory slot is OK again detection inside and outside the monitor display is inscribed in

A laptop display on the shell, A shell and B is an external monitor laptop extended projection display, check

whether the hard disk can work in the BIOS can see whether the detected the existence of the hard disk

can transfer the startup sequence, and then enter the system the system test detection can normal into the

system with the power to provide A sound detection is mainly composed of sound card, the size of the test

Keyboard test main inspection whether can work every, testing the keyboard will be garbled, composite key

combination can normal work USB interface testing main interface can work or small plate of transfer interface

test drive test need to test drive interface can work, can read CD content SD card battery detection test

motherboard can charge and discharge test, 3 d MAKE testing main motherboard stability, detection

system board accessories compatible with little device compatibility, this testing represents the quality

of the product, 3 d MAKE the more scores shows that main board, the better to restart testing each piece

of main board must restart shut down three times or more testing can ensure the mainboard broken power

network 3 g wireless local network sound horn noise test interface around A track inscribed headset, microphone test detection network includes

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Our Profile

The company mainly engaged in various models of laptop motherboard,

display, various brands. Laptop battery, hard drive, optical drive, and various

small accessories (such as small USB charging plate, small sound card board, board, switch board, etc.)

Our company vision is: to become ‘s leading Internet trade enterprises, to become the world’s leading

trade team!

Our mission is to: achievements dream, benefit human beings!

Our core values are: move the customer, quality. Faith, dedication, innovation, pragmatic,

united as one, never stop! Use limited life to create unlimited wealth!

Our work style is: use the best attitude face degrees today, with the fastest speed for customers to

solve all problems.

our customers are from all over the world: North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia.


Note: received motherboard needs to check the appearance, so as to avoid damage in transit,

before installation with CPU and memory, and display the boot first, determine the mainboard

can work again installed when you install a cooling fan heat dissipation silica gel, to ensure that

the temperature in 39-70 degrees to encounter problems don’t worry don’t be panic when installation, please contact us

if you have any questions

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